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As one of the two primary basic science departments in the college, the department of Physiological Sciences is responsible for the education of veterinary medical students in a variety of disciplines, including anatomy, cell biology, clinical pathology, pharmacology, physiology, and toxicology. In addition, the department is responsible for running the clinical pathology service of the UF Veterinary Hospitals (UFVH).

In addition to the instruction of professional degree (DVM) students, the Department is responsible for the Physiological Sciences section of the college graduate program. The education of graduate students is closely tied to the critical mission of research, in which we focus on comparative aspects of biology and disease. The requirements of these missions have led us to develop a blend of basic science and clinically oriented faculty. This combination of disciplines and interests has proven to be a very successful means of fulfilling our extensive instructional mission while maintaining an excellent research program.

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Please Welcome Our Newest Faculty Member

Dr. Christopher Martyniuk has now joined the Physiological Sciences/CEHT faculty, effective January 3rd. We want to welcome him (back) to the center.

2013 “Share the Future” Grant Recipient

Dr. Amy Weeden, a 2nd year clinical pathology resident at the UF CVM, has received the 2013 Share the Future research grant from the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology.