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Technical Staff

Published: Aug 17th, 2011

Matthew Booth (Assistant Scientist) Katelyn Davis (Biological Scientist I) Vicki Dugan (Biological Scientist) Jiimei Hou (Assistant Scientist) Jessica Jiron (Biological Scientist I) Marianne Kozuch (Chemist III) Kevin Kroll (Scientific Research Manager) […]

Graduate Students & Veterinary Clinical Pathology Residents

Published: Aug 17th, 2011

Graduate Students CVM graduate students Veterinary Clinical Pathology Residents Second Year Resident:  Francisco Conrado, DVM and Tracie Guy, DVM First Year Resident:  Kellie Whipple, DVM   [last revised 8 Mar […]

Administrative Staff

Published: Aug 17th, 2011

Marty Rhoden (Administrative Specialist II) Sara Keith (Accountant III) Elissa Schlosser (Administrative Support Assistant II) Kara Huff (Administrative Support Assistant II)

Aerial photograph of UF Health Science Center large brick building complex

Faculty & Staff

Published: Aug 17th, 2011

Faculty Graduate Students and Veterinary Clinical Pathology Residents Administrative Staff Technical Staff