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The 2022 Fall Linda Hayward Physiological Sciences Seminar – Heather Patisaul

    Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 4:00-5:00 PM HPNP Building Auditorium           Room #1404                                                                                 (west end of the building and up the stairs)    …

The Center for Environmental & Human Toxicology – Director Search

The Center for Environmental & Human Toxicology – Department – Physiological Sciences- Director Search Committee Members, Your invited to attend the CEHT Director Search Committee meeting. The meeting will be held on August 17th  in building 470 conference room @ 4:00 pm. • Contact Information – Christopher Vulpe…

Seminar Series

join us today,  Tuesday, August 2nd at 10:00am for the Assistant Professor of Integrative Physiology in Physiological Sciences – Adrienn (Ada) Varga, Ph.D. – candidate seminar. It will be in-person in HPNP 1404 Auditorium and also via Zoom   Meeting ID: 942 0579 9225…

Seminar Series

Candidate Seminar “Losing the Wander: High Fat Diet-relatedNeuroplasticity in Cardiac Vagal BrainstemNeurons” Wednesday, August 17th, 202211:00am – 12:00 noonIn Person: HPNP 1404OrVia Zoom ID: 980 7456 4844 Hosted by the College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Physiological Sciences…

Welcome, Dr. Bowden, our newest Assistant Professor

Dr. John Bowden previously worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Charleston, SC. His specialty is analytical toxicology, and his major research interest is in the use of mass spectrometry for toxicological analysis.

The CRISPR Revolution

A new technology is changing the face – and pace – of cell science with gene modification. A year or so ago, University of Florida toxicologist Chris Vulpe started getting calls, first from one colleague, then another, and another. They had an idea and wanted to use CRISPR…

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Need animal care? Visit the UF Small Animal and Large Animal Hospitals. From dogs, cats, birds and exotics to horses, cattle, llamas, pigs and many other large farm or food animals, our experienced veterinarian staff is ready to assist.

Animal Airwaves

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Animal Airwaves

Animal Airwaves is a daily radio series that features one-minute segments relating to animal health, ranging from insights into animal behavior to veterinary patient care breakthroughs and trends.

Animal Airwaves