Technical Staff

  • Vicki Dugan (Biological Scientist)
  • Heather Hatch (Biological Scientist II)
  • Jessica Jiron (Biological Scientist I)
  • Marianne Kozuch (Chemist III)
  • Kevin Kroll (Scientific Research Manager)
  • Yan-Shin Jackson Liao (Biological Scientist I)
  • Wendi Malphurs (Biological Scientist III)
  • Theresa Medrano (Biological Scientist IV)
  • Nnanyelugo Gerald Nouridelavar (Pre-Doctoral Fellowship)
  • Melanie Rose (Biological Scientist IV)
  • Mike Sapper (Education/Training Specialist III)
  • Cecilia Silva-Sanchez (Scientific Laboratory Manager)
  • Abderrahmane (Mani) Tagmount (Biological Scientist III)
  • William Vann (Biological Scientist I)
  • Wei Wang (Biological Scientist II)
  • Jacqueline Watkins (Biological Scientist I)
  • Roxanne Werner (Laboratory Technician II)
  • Carolyn Whitford (IT Project Manager I)
  • Rola Zeidan (Pre-Doctoral Fellowship)


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[last revised 5 Dec 18]

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