Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research plays a prominent role in many of the research programs within the department. Our undergraduate student researchers come from various educational, social, and economic backgrounds. Most students start with little to no research experience, just a desire to be involved with scientific research! 

Typically undergraduate researchers in the department work in the lab part-time during the semester, fitting time in the lab around their class and extracurricular schedules.  You can start looking for research opportunities any time during your undergraduate degree. However, most start their sophomore year and work in labs until their senior year.

See examples of undergraduate student projects from the department below. 

How to get involved? 

There are several ways to get involved. If you want to work with a specific research group, please reach out to them directly. However, the best way to look for groups actively recruiting undergraduates is to visit the Center for Undergraduate Research web page. These lists are updated regularly. The best time to look for opportunities is in the semester before you want to start working. There is also the opportunity to complete undergraduate research for class credit. 


Our faculty are actively involved with these undergraduate research programs: 

Center for Undergraduate Research

University Scholars Program (USP) 

SF2UF Bridge Program

MARC GatorSTAR Program

Summer Neuroscience Internship Program (SNIP)

Undergraduate Research News

Trisha Patel led work to design and validate a…

Trishna Patel March 2021: Three undergraduates, Trishna Patel, Jame Hendren, and Nathan Lee, from the lab of Aaron Mickle, published a manuscript…

Trishna Patel

Emily Collins, an undergraduate in Animal…

June 2020. Emily Collins, an undergraduate in Animal Sciences,  was the co-first author on work describing the impact of repeated cholinergic…

Emily Collins

Maria Valentina Guevara, an undergraduate in…

March 2020. Maria Valentina Guevara, an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering, was co-first author on work describing the impact of repeated aid…


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