Recent Publications

  • Thompson JT, Lott DJ, Lin AM, Bowden JA, Stuchal LD, Townsend TG (2024) Assessing the suitability of leachability-based screening levels for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) risk assessment. Science of the Total Environment 928:172430. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2024.172430. PMID: 38621546.

Regulatory agencies develop limits for chemicals in soil for the protection of groundwater using models based on partitioning coefficients.  Partitioning coefficients for PFAS reported in the literature are variable resulting in conflicting soil screening values for leachability.  Leaching tests on 5 different PFAS-impacted soils showed variability in leaching between the soils.  The results suggest site-specific leaching tests are needed for PFAS.

Interleukin 13 (IL-13) is an important effector molecule in allergic asthma. IL-13-mediated mucin hypersecretion requires conversion of secretoglobin-positive club cells into goblet cells. The Reznikov lab tested the hypothesis that loss of club cell Creb1 mitigates the pro-mucin effects of IL-13. They found sex-specific regulation of club cell Creb1 on IL-13-mediated mucin hypersecretion and airway mechanics. Their work provides more insight into basic airway physiology with important translational implications.

  • Goodrum PE, Mendelsohn ES, Roberts SM, Stuchal LD (2024) A simulation study of extrapolation uncertainty in exposure assessment – Use of pilot study results for site investigation. J Environ Manage. 356:120692. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2024.120692. PMID: 38547828.

Assessment of contamination on large tracts of land can be cost prohibitive, but crucial if the land is to be reused for residential or recreational purposes.  This study provides practical recommendations to regulatory agencies for extrapolating sampling results on large tracts of land while minimizing errors that are detrimental to human health.  It shows that the error rate can be reduced to less than 5% when 10% or more of the site is sampled.  When the 95% upper confidence limit on the mean site concentration is near the action level, 30% of the site should be sampled.

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