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The University of Florida is a vibrant training ground for postdoctoral fellows. Affiliations with a range of UF centers provide a strong scientific community and ample opportunity for building essential career skills both in and outside the laboratory. Major Centers that offer excellent learning environments include the Center for Integrative Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease, Breathing Research and Therapeutics Center, McKnight Brain Institute, Emerging Pathogens Institute, Reproductive and Perinatal Research Program, Center for Epigenetics, UF Diabetes Institute, UF Health Cancer Center, UF Institute of Aging, among others. Faculty in the Department are committed to mentoring postdocs towards independence and support efforts for obtaining individual and mentored fellowships and grants.

Why Conduct Your Postdoctoral Training at UF?

The Physiological Sciences department offers postdoctoral training opportunities in toxicology, pharmacology, neurophysiology, and physiology.  Individuals who choose to conduct postdoctoral training at UF will find a highly collaborative scientific community and ample institutional support as they increase readiness and progress toward scientific independence. The larger scientific community offers numerous opportunities to present research findings and develop practical skills that promote long-term success in a research science career path. 

Fellows are encouraged to create mentorship teams within their first year of training and regularly engage with their mentor team. Our faculty are committed to providing the training and support that promotes success in the fellows’ career. 

The UF Office of Postdoctoral Affairs also serves as an excellent resource for postdocs at UF and showcases their work and talents ( The UF Postdoctoral Association is led by UF postdocs and provides community support and opportunities to network with other postdocs at UF ( There is also a robust UF Postdoc Writing community that offers writing retreats so that individuals can network and improve their scientific writing and communication skills (

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